Discover a vibrant and diverse Team GB collection featuring urban-inspired apparel that celebrates the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Designed by Amy Glover

Amy Glover is known for her colourful design and illustration work, shaped by a playful approach and a love for illustrating fun characters!

Want to know more about the artist?

We asked Amy...

Who do you admire the most? Creative/artist?

Hattie Stewart, her doodly style of illustration is so cool. She also recently just did a collab with Gucci which looks sick.

What was your design inspiration for the capsule?

Inspiration for the designs came from looking at the fun and charming, cartoon-style apparel graphics of popular Skate / Streetwear brands.

What sport will you be keeping an eye on over the Paris 2024 Olympic Games?

Break dancing for sure. I think it’s wicked that a hip-hop dance style has made it’s way into the Olympics.

What stand out style moments do you rate from previous Olympics? 

Relay runner, Niconner Alexander, and his weird alien-style glasses during the 2000 Sydney Olympics. SO SCI FI!

What can we give you a gold medal for?

Scrambling up scary mountain ridges! Last year I ascended Yr Wyddfa (Snowdown) via it’s infamous “knife-edge” ridge, Crib Goch. It was an adrenaline rush.

  • Team GB Southbank Blue T-shirt - Limited Edition


    The Team GB Southbank Collection celebrates the relentless dedication and perseverance required to reach the pinnacle of Olympic success. This exclusive collection, designed by artist Amy Glover, features hand-drawn designs that vividly depict the countless hours of practice and day-to-day grind endured by athletes. Each piece in the collection serves as a tribute to the unwavering commitment and hard work that form the foundation of every Olympian's journey. Featuring iconic London landmarks, the collection seamlessly blends the spirit of athletic determination with the cultural heritage of the city.

  • Team GB Concorde White T-shirt


    The Team GB Concorde Collection is a captivating tribute to the iconic locations in Paris and the tenacious spirit of athletes performing at their peak. This exclusive collection, designed by the talented artist Amy Glover, features hand-drawn illustrations that beautifully capture the essence of Parisian landmarks and the vibrant energy of competition. This collection reflects Glover's meticulous attention to detail and her passion for blending culture with playful narratives. Whether as a memento for fans or a stylish addition to any collection, the Team GB Concorde Collection stands out for its artistic excellence and its heartfelt homage to the spirit of the games.