Team GB Shop Pledge

Reducing the use of plastic across our shop is an absolute priority for the team, we pledge to:

  • Only use fully bio-degradable bags for your orders
  • Replace all plastic tape with secure paper-based tape
  • Not use plastic-based external stickers (other than the label)
  • No longer include single use plastic giveaways in any of our orders, although we may surprise you with an occasional sticker. If you don’t use it, please share with a friend or dispose of it responsibly
  • Print your Team GB ‘Thank You’ postcard on recycled and recyclable card. If you like it, pin it on your wall – if you don’t, please recycle it!
  • Not use plastic packaging on Team GB ‘own label’ products. You will notice that we don’t use any internal plastic packaging for your items. This may mean your clothing arrives unfolded after its journey, but any creases will drop out after a short hang, wash or iron
  • Ambitiously push towards not using plastic packaging on Team GB ‘3rd party’ products. We are continually working with our suppliers to follow our lead, but in some rare cases your items will be packaged in plastic for the product's protection.
  • Remove all bubble wrap and other plastic-based internal stuffing