Discover the stylish and nostalgic Team GB retro range of products, featuring vintage-inspired apparel that celebrates the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Designed by Kostya Petrenko

Based in Prague, Czech Republic, Kostya is known for his fun retro designs and animations, primarily from the 1980s era.

Want to know more about the artist?

We asked Kostya...

Who do you admire the most? Creative/artist?

I'm not sure if there’s a specific artist that I admire the most, but I really love the design era of the 1980s with its bold, colorful logos and cool CRT animations.

What was your design inspiration for the capsule?

There were a lot of things that inspired me, such as VHS tape covers, late '70s and early '80s sports posters, and other logos with that aesthetic.

What sport will you be keeping an eye on over the Paris 2024 Olympic Games?

I’ll definitely keep an eye on sports related to cycling, as I was a professional road cyclist.

What stand out style moments do you rate from previous Olympics? 

I like the uniform of the Mexican team from the 1968 Olympics because it’s in that style that I love.


    The standout element of this design is the letter "A," which is creatively illustrated as the Eiffel Tower encapsulated in a box, adding a distinctive and artistic touch. This unique design captures the spirit of competition and the iconic beauty of Paris, symbolising the grandeur of Stade de France, the heart of French sporting events. The collection pays homage to the legendary stadium, where countless historic moments in sports have unfolded, reflecting the shared aspirations and achievements of athletes from around the world.

  • the elancourt collection

    The Elancourt Collection is a vibrant and joyful celebration of unity and athletic spirit, featuring the "Team GB alongside "Paris" written in a striking" 1980s retro font. This lively design is further enhanced with a heart motif and bold rainbow stripes, symbolising love. The Elancourt Collection beautifully merges the dynamic energy of the 1980s with the contemporary values of togetherness, making it a perfect keepsake for fans who cherish both the excitement of sport and the celebration of human connection.

  • the eiffel collection

    The Eiffel Collection is a nostalgic homage to both Team GB and the timeless charm of Paris, featuring the Team GB logo alongside the word "Paris" styled in a vibrant 1980s retro design. The highlight of the collection is the creative twist on the letter "I," which is ingeniously illustrated as the Eiffel Tower, adding a unique and artistic flair. This collection beautifully merges the spirit of British athleticism with the cultural allure of Paris, making it a perfect keepsake for fans who appreciate both sport and iconic design.

  • THE Je t'aime collection

    The phrase "Je t'aime," meaning "I love you" in French, is gracefully scripted across the apparel, symbolising the nation's love and support for its athletes. This unique design features a harmonious blend of deep navy and vibrant red, accented with crisp white details with unique patterns.